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 Welcome to Greenbox Co.,ltd

The Leading manufactuer and wholesale supplier for Eco Green Tablewares .The Company is  located in the beautiful mountain city-Chongqing which is the center of South-Western of China. The company is supported by Chongqing City government, and is the selected biodegradable products supplier of our city .

The company is specialized in disposable and 100% degradable tableware and environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Since our inception, we have confirmed our mission: Reduce the use of plastic package, make the world green. we aim to educate, and inspire people to reduce the devastating effects of plastics.

We advanced fully automatic production equipment and professional R & D and production technology and management team. They have a complete production process and quality management system to provide customers with various environmental packaging requirements.

Our products are made based on international health and environmental standards, the products had passed F D A, L F G B, OK-Compost Home and Seeding (E N 1 3 4 3 2), and the factory had passed B R C, B S C I, N S F, I S O 9 0 0 1.

We not only sale our own designed products, also can customize the exclusive products according to the requirements of customers to meet their markets.

Our company adopts advanced E R P system, which can track all the processes from order to shipment, ensuring the good quality products and service.

 We hope that we work together to forward this great eco friendly project.        

The company's win is based on production and market strategy.

We hope that our effort will make bamboo fiber a leading enterprise in the environmentally friendly tableware industry globally.

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