Welcome to Greenbox Co.,ltd

Chongqing Greenbox Enviroment Techonlogy Company Limited is a city-level industrial pioneer leading enterprise consisting of bamboo fiber environmentally friendly tableware and high-end industrial packages. It is an important project of "Double Hundred" (one hundred major projects and one hundred major enterprises) in Chongqing Municipality's industry investment. It is undertaking a major reserve industry project with Central Government investment, the "Cooperation Project between Agriculture and Banks' ' of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Poverty Alleviation Finance Corporation, the flagship assistance project of the Office of Poverty Alleviation of the State Council.

The company's products have also won the "China Food Package Innovation Product Award".

The company owns several specialized patent technologies, including production equipment, technology, molds, and products, as well as other proprietary intellectual property rights.

Self-ownership is ensured by the capabilities of strong R&D technical based on bamboo bases.

The company's win is based on production and market strategy. We hope that our effort will make bamboo fiber a leading enterprise in the environmentally friendly tableware industry globally.

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