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              Our bamboo disposables are made from organically grown bamboo which is an annual renewable; this means that we produce more and more stocks of disposable plates and cutlery sets without damaging the environment.

              We made high quality biodegradable bamboo fiber tableware by peeling bamboo culvert or stem. The three bamboo sheets were made into a single layer using heat, pressure, food-grade, and water-based adhesives. We are not using any chemicals or dyes in the process. We are producing 100% biobed and compost products.

              Bamboo Fiber Tableware (10)

              9 Inch 3 Compartment plates 100% Bamboo Fiber Degradable Disposable


              100% Bamboo Fiber Fast Food Lunch Package Box for Restaurant Use 4 Divided Tray


              9“ 100% Bamboo Fiber Disposable Plates for party or hotel use


              100% Biodegradable Eco-friendly 500ml Bamboo Fiber Bowl


              100% Bamboo Fiber Paper 200 ml Coffee Cup Compostable Redegradable Eco Friendly for Hotel or Meal Use


              900ml Compostable Bamboo Fiber Lunch Boxes 100% Eco-friendly Redegradable


              1100ml Fast Food Box Food Box Compostable Bamboo Fiber 100% Eco Friendly Degradable


              7 Inch Disposable Plate 100% Compostable Bamboo Fiber Eco Friendly


              6"Inch Bamboo Fiber Plates,100% Compostable Biodegradable

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