What are the benefits of Eco friendly Bamboo Products?

What are the benefits of Eco friendly Bamboo Products?

by cai fang yang on October 11, 2020

First of all, let’s talk about what Bamboo fiber is?

Bamboo fiber is a form of cellulosic fiber which is produced from bamboo. You might have heard about starchy pulp. Starchy pulp is made from bamboo stems and its leaves through the natural process of alkaline hydrolysis and bleaching.
In the next step, chemical reactions produce bamboo fibers.

So basically they are bamboo pulp fibers. They have main features like hygroscopicity, awesome permeability, soft touchy and great tenacity.

Now we will talk about the benefits of Bamboo fiber products in detail:

  1. Eliminate bacteria: These products are very reliable and durable. As per scientific research, these fibers help to eliminate the bacteria from the surface. Around 40% to 70% is removed or you can say terminated during the time interval 10 to 20 hours. Hence, these fibers make the products safer and hygienic. 
  2. Durability: In terms of durability, these products meet the expectations since they are unbreakable if drops accidentally as compared to porcelain materials or products. You need not worry about the durability and moreover they are also very light in weight, easy to handle by the children.
  3. Eco-friendly: These products are very eco-friendly in nature. Also they are more environment friendly and recyclable products, if cleaned properly. Since other chemical material products, they leave very bad chemical residues in the environment or wastage by the humans. Thus these are 100% biodegradable products with no pollution.
  4. Easy to Wash: These products have anti bacterial agents naturally, hence make it bacteria free. They have ingredients like anti oil or anti stain, due to these ingredients these fiber products are easy to clean and wash gently. Hence these become more convenient to use. So you don’t need to buy any detergents to wash them.
  5. Planet friendly: Well you might even surprised to hear that these fiber products absorb carbon dioxide like plants and also release 40% oxygen into the atmosphere. So there is win-win situation for us. Think about the food we eat from the surface of these fibers, they are also absorbing our carbon-dioxide. Hence, these fibers are even planet or earth friendly.
  6. Better for the soil: If we talk about the raw bamboo, when it is harvested by the peasants, each culm is carefully cut at the ground level. The root system quickly plays its role and sprouts more and more bamboo shoots. Thus the whole procedure assists the soil to resist erosion. Sometimes humans burn the extra wastage or you can say debris but bamboo products are really helpful for the soil even though they are burned. They become natural fertilizers. 

We hope, you have a sound knowledge of our Bamboo fiber products after reading the aforementioned article.

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