How bamboo cups are different from paper cups?

How bamboo cups are different from paper cups?

by cai fang yang on January 11, 2021
Bamboo Cups: Bamboo disposable Cups are the new entity for your kitchen and for your family members. The new craze of having coffee in a world class cafe with your family and friends is staggering in the 21st century. Few years ago, people used to enjoy sip of coffee inside their homes but after the advent of Starbucks and Cafe Coffee Day, this trend is changing. Nowadays, people use these venues for their professional meetings with disposable bamboo coffee cups in their hands.

Let's discuss below the pros and cons and how it is different from paper cups:

1) Amazing Look: These eco friendly disposable cups come in numerous sizes, shapes and designs, so you can get the one that suits your choice and also reflects your preference. You would definitely like to prefer something casual and simple, but bright and vibrant for your team mates or family members. Even some fashion lovers can get a wonderful collection of cups to match their needs and outfits.

2) Budget Friendly: Investing in a reusable coffee cup can help you in saving lot of bucks. What if we tell you that these coffee cups can last for many years if they are treated nicely? You won't believe, right? Yes, that's true.

How are bamboo disposable cups better than paper cups?

1) Sustainability: Bamboo can be cultivated in different parts of the world without fertilizers and dangerous chemicals. The plant continues to grow from its root system even if it's cut properly. Hence this is basic process of extracting bamboo cups not like paper cups in which cutting of trees is involved.

2) Manufacturing process: Bamboo fibre involves less emission of carbon and and also its low energy consuming which makes the entire process eco friendly.

3) Durability: The durability of disposable bamboo coffee cups is long lasting and leak proof unlike paper cups.
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