Are sugarcane plates biodegradable? Why do they really matter?

Are sugarcane plates biodegradable? Why do they really matter?

by cai fang yang on February 03, 2021

First and foremost thing that we would like to discuss about sugarcane plates is the material from which they are formed. Bagasse is the residue kind of stuff which is generated after all the juice is squeezed from the sugarcane. That's why sugarcane plates are also called Bagasse plates. The question arises here is "Are sugarcane plates biodegradable?" Yess, they are absolutely biodegradable. Let's have a clear cut definition of biodegradable. 
Biodegradable means the things which go back into the earth through natural processes and these biodegradable sugarcane bagasse plates are definitely reliable and way far better than its counterpart plastic plates which are literally non-biodegradable and very harmful to the environment. The production of these bagasse plates is same as that of pulp molded products. 

They really matter to mankind since they are easily compostable and less harmful to the environment. And most importantly, they are the best alternative way to eco friendly paper plates. 

Advantages of biodegradable bagasse sugarcane plates:
Profitable: Considering the monetary value, these eco friendly plates are used by the restaurants to serve food. Hence the profitability margin of these plates is quite higher than paper plates. 

2) Availability: Bagasse eco friendly plates are available in various shapes and sizes. They come in rectangle, square and round shapes and are used by the groups of people. 

3) Easy to Carry: These reliable plates are easy to carry and easy to port, therefore they are used in huge gatherings, parties and small house functions. Hence, after use, if we throw them then it will be no harm to the environment.

4) Microwave Friendly: These bagasse plates are widely appreciated because of its eco friendly features. Just grab some food and stuff inside the plates and put them in the microwave, voila. 

5) Compatible: As compared to paper plates, these bagasse sugarcane items are more compatible towards our mother earth. Since it goes back into the earth due to compostable and hence make the whole process environment and eco friendly after use.

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